Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Norfolk Scenery.

Now March is just around the corner, thoughts start to turn towards Spring and time to return to my favourite place Norfolk, just a few scenery shots below from my last trip there. Bring back so many good memories.

Hunstanton Sea Front.

Hunstanton Cliffs.


Wave Power.

Road Trip to Canada and New York!!

These are a few photo's from a family road trip taken last October, to Canada and New York, had marvellous weather, a couple of days after we returned they had thick snow, I was disappointed with Niagara Falls but the one thing I did not expect to affect me, absolutely blew me away and that was the Statue of Liberty. The photo below is of the Horseshoe Falls which is on the Canadian side. While at Niagara I did get to see my first Black Squirrel's and also a couple of American Robin's, did'nt have the right camera with me though to get a good image of them.

Time Square.

New Yorker Hotel.

Bridges over Hudson River.

Statue of Liberty.

Niagara Falls.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


I have to admit I thought the Wirral was mainly Industry and Oil Terminals with nothing to see but tankers coming and going, only to find it has some of the best beaches I have ever seen and when the tide is in your favour it brings the Waders in so close you cannot fail to be impressed with the spectical, just a few more shots from my recent visit there, although I managed to find a pair of Stonechats, I don't like the messy background on the female but she would not play ball as much as the male and when I did get him in the clear he was just a little too far away.

Stonechat (Male).

Stonechat (Female).




Group Shot.


Friday, 24 February 2012

The Wirral Revisited.

What with work rota's and the weather conditions to contend with, this was a rare day out with Dearly Beloved, but with the chance of good company, lovely sunshine and a day to ourselves, it was not to be missed, as always I am not worthy but when you shadow the master, I have to hope that some of his greatness and advise will eventually rub off and sink in, but it's still great to get to just see him in action and I just love to be allowed along for the ride!!!





Juvenile Herring Gull.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Knypersley Res:

As much as I hate to be without Dearly Beloved, (like being without my right arm),(unfortunately the Seal had to work!) I could not resist the sunshine yesterday, so off I shot for an hour round our local patch, however, when I got there could not go into the car park as it looked like a skating rink, and the path's turned out to be no better, they were treacherous, could only make it as far as the bridge, as I was petrified of dropping my camera, but glad I did as there was a lot of activity there and we have had nothing but fog and drissle today.


Blue Tit.



Knypersley Res:

No were better in the icy conditions than to wonder around Knypersley, the waterfall is always worth a visit and did not disappoint on this occassion.

Family Group.



Biddulph Moor!!

Got up really early on a cold and frosty morning, which has to be the best time of the day, brings back happy memories of getting up early to see to my horses, to watch the sun rise over Biddulph Moor, had some very strange looks from passing motorists, but I think it was worth it.