Saturday, 27 December 2014

Let It Snow !!

First time ever this morning my feeders were full of Starlings, had a walk around my Back Yard which is the Bosley Reservoir, but not much about so concentrated on some Scenic Shots, Bosley Reservoir was built in the 1830's, it is fed by a number of feeder channels which catch water from the uplands of the Peak District, Dane Valley is to the east and this part of the National Park supports one of the highest concentrations of ancient semi natural woodland, the woodlands clothe the steep sided slopes above the River Dane and it's tributary streams and are rich in Wildlife, including a herd of Red Deer and several nationally threatened woodland birds including Pied Flycatcher and Redstart. The Woodlands have been heavily used in the past, timber from Dane Valley went to the mines close to Ecton in the 19th century and wood was used in the construction of various water powered mills including Bosley corn Mill which was built on the side of Bosley Brook close to the A523.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Wishes!!

Would just like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Schools Out!!!

Yes School is Out for Christmas, so now can concentrate on some photography, just need some cold and frosty mornings and will be out and about in my local area especially up on the Moors!!!

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Good News At Last!!

I submitted some of my photo's to be considered for the West Midland Bird Club Annual Report,for the first time last year and was lucky enough to have some published in the 2011 issue, so imagine my absolute delight when I sent my recent 2012 entries to be considered, only to be contacted to inform me that the photo below had in fact been chosen for the Front Cover, I was to say the least Gobsmacked!!! extremely ecstatic and very humbled, they will be back from the printers and members will have them winging their way to them in the New Year, so as I said in my earlier post, a fantastic end to a fantastic year, which will take some topping.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Good News To Share Soon!!

Well this year just gets better and better, will have great news to share with you soon, and will result in a fantastic end to a fantastic year, something that is going to take some beating believe me!!!!

Monday, 17 November 2014

The Best Yet!!

I know I said I was disappointed when all I was getting on night cam was the Fox's instead of the Badger, but I have to say these have to be the best shots yet!!! so just have to share.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Still Hunting!!

Was not able to get the camera out Thurday or Friday as by the time I got home it was too dark, and although I managed to get the Fox on camera last night there has been no further sighting of the Badger since last Sunday, when I tried the new area for the first time, perhaps he only likes coming out on a Sunday, will be putting it out again tonight to see!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hunt For Badger Continues

Well with how long it took to locate my Local Fox's, I never thought I would be disapointed to actually get one caught on my Night Cam, but when I had set my heart on seeing the Badger again, that's just how I felt last night, have not had another sighting of the Badger since Sunday night except that is to have one dead yet again on the side of the road near to the Bosley Crossroads, as these pictures show the camera still needs a little fine tuning on the best position and a little more trimming done to the undergrowth, so at least the fox has helped with that.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Ever since I picked up my first camera in 2010 and since moving to Cheshire in 2012, one of my main ambitions was to photograph Badgers, but the only one's I ever see are dead on the local lanes, until last night that is, very grainy and was not quite sure if I had found the right place, but unmistakable, (thanks to a neighbours local knowledge and information), now I know were to put my night camera I can play around with the positioning and also bait the area.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sorry No Post's For A While!!

Sorry my site has been so quiet the last three weeks have been on an intensive training course and also helping my Son to decorate his house. Course now passed and almost finished all the decorating jobs, looking forward now to my Half Term Break in Norfolk in a couple of weeks, so should be plenty to post from there. Will catch up soon!!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

iPhone 6

Thanks to my Son, I am now the proud owner of a iPhone 6, picked up Friday after work and haven't stopped playing with it since, never had a phone like it before, so inbetween showers yesterday we were keen to go and put the camera through it's paces. Went for a stroll opposite where he lives to Chatterly Whitfield Heritage Country Park, which was a working mine till it closed on 25th March 1977, dating back to the 1830's it became the first colliery in Great Britain to mine One Million saleable tons of coal in one year!! There are a lot of Autumnal colours around now, so all the photo's below where taken with the phone, see what you think.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

More Nuthatch's Arriving Daily!!

Well it's like the bus service you wait for ages for one to come along then two or three turn up at once, spotted my second Nuthatch early this morning on one of my feeders, definitely not the same one as the other day and my neighbour has been watching at least two this afternoon while I was at work. As all I have had the last two evenings on the Night Camera, is a very cheeky mouse, I have set up the camera by my feeders and will leave it in place all day tomorrow to see what I can capture. I do have an idea on a moveable Bird Hide that I have a good friend working on so hopefully will be able to start doing some close up photography in my own garden and also just had an e-mail about the new Canon 7D Mark 2 that is being launched at just over £1,500, very, very tempted!!!!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Over The Moon!

I am a very happy Bunny this morning, not only had a very productive evening with the Night Cam but having lived here for eight months, I have at last had a visit from my fist Nuthatch one of my favourite Birds, and only having lived a mile away previously I used to see them on a daily basis, so it was a great treat and hopefully it will be back!! Also Simon King launched a competition for users of Bushnell Night Cams, at this years Rutland Bird Fair and I have placed an entry, although it was difficult to choose which image to use as you are only allowed one entry, if you would like to view the entries visit

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Fungus Feast.

In the S W corner of Bosley Reservoir is a small coppice where I set my night camera, and although I don't go looking for Fungus, these were all found within approx six strides of where I place it. I have never come across so many different varieties so close together before and this is just a small selection of what was found. Also my sunflower is fully open and being enjoyed by the insects.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bosley Locks.

In just a mile the Macclesfield Canal changes height by about 113ft through the 12 locks of Bosley Flight, that's nearly 3 metres per lock. Had a stroll there after work today in the afternoon sunshine.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Gentle Stroll.

After a very busy and productive week-end there was just time for a gentle stroll around my garden and the bank of Bosley Reservoir, just to see what could be found, where we have had an abundance of Blackberries that my over packed freezer can testify to, and to see that my newly planted Buddleia has already started to attract the Butterflies and the Sunflower is the first ever one I have grown thanks to a very kind bird dropping the seed into one of my patio pots, and it decided to start to open this week-end. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not that keen on Fungus but this one fascinated me as it just appeared it seemed overnight on just a dead fallen Oak Tree and the size of it is amazing.