Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sandwich Tern.

 WOW!!! I now know what it is to be a Birder on a Mission, the thrill of having that message come through to say get here quick we have found (What ever) this time it was a Sandwich Tern at Westport lake, from the frustration of having a poor signal on our mobile phone (knowing we would have been on our way there much quicker) to the thrill of the drive hoping in all hope it will still be there when you arrive, (although most of the journey my eyes were shut, luckily I was'nt driving) my dearly Beloved was very reasuring however saying "don't worry I have done this millions of times", thank God we were no further away than Knypersley Res, thank God also that the person sending the message did not give up as I really thought the mobile phone was about to be launched out of the car window,  the thought of what life would have been like had it not still been there, does not bare thinking about!!!!  I am also humbled and very proud that in the heat of the moment (of getting that perfect record shot) Dearly Beloved did not forget little old me (still without her own Camera) standing behind him and him making sure I got my chance too!!!! Please see below, and all my thanks to those that stood guard against any joggers or dog walkers flushing it away, the mantle we then picked up ourselves for others that had not yet arrived, what a fantastic unit birders make when they come together.  I have this image in my mind of one day seeing someone turn up in their wedding finery, shouting make way I need to see this before I get to the Church!!!! or has that already happened to someone out there already. LOL (Note to oneself, must make sure sensable footwear and an outfit I can run in to be worn at all times). Just in case..............

 Sandwich Tern.
Sandwich Tern.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Knypersley Res

Everytime we go to Knypersley Reservoir it never fails to come up with something new, okay they may not arrive in their droves as some other places, but that makes it even more special, found three Cormorant today one of which was very pleased to have Drip Dry Feathers, two Turnstones flew off just as we arrived and we think they headed to Blithfield as two were reported as arriving there a couple of hours later, the Redshank seemed to appear from nowhere and have been trying to get a flight shot since I started in February, this being my best effort yet. Although very windy it was very warm and sunny, had a very pleasant few hours at somewhere that is fast becoming a favourite place.
Black-headed Gull.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bird Fair Rutland 2010.

Rubing Shoulders with the Stars.
Well what can I say, not that I want to name drop you understand but met Chris Packham and although did not talk to Simon King, heard part of his lecture and managed a couple of shots of him on one of the many stalls.
This being my very first introduction to the Rutland Bird Fair, my Dearly Beloved did say "stick with me and you will see the stars".
My only disappointment was not to be able to see Bill Oddie there but maybe next year. Found the chance of trying out equipment really useful and have earmarked which lens I now want to aim for. Very well organised and well worth the visit, only wish I had enough time and money to visit all the marvellous Holiday Destinations represented there and have just unpacked four carrier bags of Brochures etc....,

Chris Packham.
Simon King.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Visit To Knypersley

You do need to be patient and be ready to stand and wait, when visiting Knypersley Res, and it's suprising what will come along and visit, like the family of Jay's which we have not seen before, having once found us decided to follow us back along the pathway almost all the way to the car. The photo's below are over a couple of visits over the last few days, while trying to enjoy what little sunshine we have had, the Kestrel has been seen before by my "Dearly Beloved", but this was the first sighting for me.

Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Tittesworth Reservoir

A quick visit to Tittesworth Resevoir to look for Waders as the water level is still very low, had a pleasant couple of hours there, found a Barnacle Goose snuggled among the other Geese, well disguised except for it's size, on the way there found the Foal I took shots of a couple of months ago, still growing at a good speed, so took an update shot, nice to get out and about again. Also posted shots of Early Thorn, Purple Thorn and Poplar Hawk Moths, just some of the one's found in our garden in Biddulph.
Barnacle Goose.
Early Thorn.
Purple Thorn.
Poplar Hawkmoth.