Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bird Fair Rutland 2010.

Rubing Shoulders with the Stars.
Well what can I say, not that I want to name drop you understand but met Chris Packham and although did not talk to Simon King, heard part of his lecture and managed a couple of shots of him on one of the many stalls.
This being my very first introduction to the Rutland Bird Fair, my Dearly Beloved did say "stick with me and you will see the stars".
My only disappointment was not to be able to see Bill Oddie there but maybe next year. Found the chance of trying out equipment really useful and have earmarked which lens I now want to aim for. Very well organised and well worth the visit, only wish I had enough time and money to visit all the marvellous Holiday Destinations represented there and have just unpacked four carrier bags of Brochures etc....,

Chris Packham.
Simon King.

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