Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Autumn Is Upon Us !

Don't get many days off in the week at home, so with our first sprinkling of snow on the moors, just 5 miles behind where we live, just had to get there to record it and also a few Autumnal shots, can never see me tiring of these views ever!!!!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Come Fly With Me!!!

I am sure there is a song title in this heading!! Still having to do lots of practicing with my flight shots, but I do find that my new 7D Canon does lock on a lot quicker, which is helping a great deal.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Finishing Off With A Few Scenery Shots!

Last few Norfolk Scenery Shots and O.H. trying to blend in with a boat while storking this Greenshank, hope you have enjoyed taking a stroll with me along this great part of our coastline.

Norfolk Sunset

I don't think you can visit Norfolk without trying for a Sunset, this was the best one that we got.

Second Week Of Our Norfolk Trip

The weather was much better for us our second week here, with the main highlights being finding the Shore Lark for ourselves twice (after two previous attempts) with the usual " you should have been here ten minutes ago from people who had just seen it fly off!! the first sighting was very brief and I did not manage very good shots, the second we had to have one of the worst days for wind, we had to battle against a constant sand storm on Titchwell Beach, as you can imagine the sand got everywhere, I have heard that women pay a fortune to have their faces sand blasted in this way and here I was getting it for free!! and also having a glorious Male Snow Bunting to ourselves for a good hour and a half on an incredible stretch of Beach, you have to picture this for yourselves we venture out and can see for miles both ways, to the left is Hunstanton and to the right is Holme and the O. H. says okay lets turn right and head for Holme, within a few hundred yards he almost tripped over the little fellow, right in front of us, of all the places he could have been on that Beach, Go Figure!! Just to show how accommodating he was I have put in a photo of me with him in shot. The final day gave me another highlight and another first for me and that was finding these Yellowhammers. Shore Lark
Shore Lark
Snow Bunting

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

End To The First Week In Norfolk

We were really lucky with the weather for our first week, with the promise of even better weather coming for our second, that was once the storm heading our way had passed through, we mainly visited the Beach's and Harbours to try out my new 7D Body on some flight shots, but this visit also found us covering some new ground just a little further in land, were as I have said previously we had great fun with the Hare's but we also came across this thirsty Rat and a small group of Grey Partridge,it was a little hair raising getting the shots in a very narrow lane using the car as a hide and following them along the edge of the field they were in, and even though we went along that lane almost daily after this encounter, we never saw them again, as the O H is always telling me get your shots while you can as you never know when you will get another opportunity.
Ringed Plover
Mr Ratty
Grey Partridge
Grey Partridge
Grey Partridge
Short Eared Owl
Little Egret
Brent Geese
Titchwell Beach