Saturday, 27 December 2014

Let It Snow !!

First time ever this morning my feeders were full of Starlings, had a walk around my Back Yard which is the Bosley Reservoir, but not much about so concentrated on some Scenic Shots, Bosley Reservoir was built in the 1830's, it is fed by a number of feeder channels which catch water from the uplands of the Peak District, Dane Valley is to the east and this part of the National Park supports one of the highest concentrations of ancient semi natural woodland, the woodlands clothe the steep sided slopes above the River Dane and it's tributary streams and are rich in Wildlife, including a herd of Red Deer and several nationally threatened woodland birds including Pied Flycatcher and Redstart. The Woodlands have been heavily used in the past, timber from Dane Valley went to the mines close to Ecton in the 19th century and wood was used in the construction of various water powered mills including Bosley corn Mill which was built on the side of Bosley Brook close to the A523.

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