Wednesday, 17 September 2014

More Nuthatch's Arriving Daily!!

Well it's like the bus service you wait for ages for one to come along then two or three turn up at once, spotted my second Nuthatch early this morning on one of my feeders, definitely not the same one as the other day and my neighbour has been watching at least two this afternoon while I was at work. As all I have had the last two evenings on the Night Camera, is a very cheeky mouse, I have set up the camera by my feeders and will leave it in place all day tomorrow to see what I can capture. I do have an idea on a moveable Bird Hide that I have a good friend working on so hopefully will be able to start doing some close up photography in my own garden and also just had an e-mail about the new Canon 7D Mark 2 that is being launched at just over £1,500, very, very tempted!!!!


  1. 7d2 really does look ideal for wildlife photography but think I'll watch for the errors to be found and corrected on it along with a price drop before I go for one.

    Liking the idea of your hide :)

  2. You will have to come up and try the hide LOL and agree it won't take long for the price to hopefully drop on the 7D2

  3. I'm saving my £1 & £2 coins now for a 300 f2.8. Don't know how long it will take me but I never appear to have any money now! I'm hoping to do the Farnes next year with a couple of friends. Do you fancy it if the dates are right?

    Let me know when the hide is ready and I'll pop up. Can also do that fishing lake by you as well :)

    1. I should be saving for another lense rather than another body, would love to join the Farnes Trip just hope you go in the school holidays, will keep my fingers crossed, will let you know when the hide is ready to try, also going over to Norfolk this October half term if you can get down anytime that week, Pete and Alan joining me for a long week end if not the whole week, so should be great fun!!!

  4. Starting date in Norfolk is Saturday 25th October for seven days, hope you can make it.