Monday, 26 September 2011

Two Weeks Holiday in Norfolk.

Well what can I say, fantastic time, fantastic weather, only down side was not a great deal of rare birds about, but two out of three ain't bad! Arrived late morning and went straight to Titchwell for the Little Bittern, stood for four hours with not a sign, had to leave to get settled in the Caravan and have a bite to eat, could stand on the old pins a moment longer! only to find people we had stood by for all that time had great views only half an hour after we left, after that it became a real thorn in the side and all we could think about, hence going back again the next morning to give it another four hours, still no luck and again seemed to wait until we had disappeared before coming out, all be it fleetingly. Must have had the shakes that day, must have been low sugar level or frustration not sure which but could not use any shots taken that day at all, all got dumped, did get good views of the Little Bittern on day three for over an hour but not clearly enough for any shots, but glad I got to see it at last, so below are the best of day three, slowly working through each day, thankfully they do improve.


Open Wide!


What Now Mum!

Herring Gull (Juvenile)



Curlew Sandpiper.

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