Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pensthorpe Norfolk.

With day nine's weather unpredictable, we chose to visit Pensthorpe Wildfowl Park, if you have never been it is truely worth a visit and the weather turned out to be better than we thought, we spent the day there and we only covered about a third of what was on offer, for me I could have spent the whole day with the Bearded Tit's and again the trip was mainly for my benefit as it gives me a chance to see everything up close and personal, helping me not only with my identification skills but also with my camera skills and settings and I got the benefit of that when we went for the American Black Tern in Lincs, and again with the Sabines Gull on the way home in Cambridgeshire. Don't get me wrong the Bearded Tits are just as elusive as the East Bank at Cley and do be careful when entering the enclosed area's as I got one hell of a wack round the head by the trailing leg of a Juvenile Black Stork practicing his flying skills, did at first blame the Seal but he assures me it was the Stork!!

Bearded Tit.

Bearded Tit.

Black Wing Stilt.




Snew (Redhead).

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