Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rutland Bird Fair!!

Had a great day as always catching up with old Friends and making new ones, the O.H. and myself arrived a little later than normal as he decided to have a lie in, while I got up and prepared the sandwiches and flask for the day ahead, we resisted the temptation to bring back all the information on the many great destinations on offer as we usually have in previous years, the planning always sounds better than the actually getting round to book abroad holidays and we usually have so many to choose from we end up not going to any of them, we met up with good friends Pete Walkden and Dave Hutton and spent a good few hours trawling the many stands, as O.H. always has to make sure he adds to his book collection, he also for weeks had been planning to get a new lens when he got there, but once there we had the usual "should I, shouldn't I" deliberation, with so much conflicting views from others we met to cloud the decision even further, that in the end we almost had to physically pick him up and carry him to the Stand, because I know from old as soon as he got home it would be the same as previous years, "I should have got it while I was there you know"! Well not this year! Pete very kindly introduced me to his good friend Wildlife Kate and we had a great chat on her stand, with her spending much more time with us than I am sure she had to spare, and I came away more inspired than usual. Even though the guy's pulled my leg for most of the day, I had to make sure I visited Johnny Kingdom's stand and again managed to get a photo, this is truly a great gentle man, who deserves the recognition he now enjoys, I am looking forward to reading his book and watching the DVD that I bought and got signed by him, and again someone who will spend time talking to you, if like me you find him inspiring then join his new venture, an interactive online magazine and social network, learning more about him and his work, on: it cost £20 to join, of which £2 goes to his chosen charity.

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