Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Trip To The Isle Of Mull.

Well what can I say, but "Wow", you can keep the Isle Of Skye, as the Isle Of Mull may not rival it on dramatic Scenery but it far out ways it on wild life and how much more that and the Scenery is so much more accessible and people friendly, your more able to pull over and enjoy what you have found and could still be there hours later, undisturbed, where on Skye the moment you stop you are likely to get irate local drivers blasting their horns at you, the minute you pull over, within the first hour of landing there we had seen four White Tailed Eagles, two Golden Eagles and an Otter. We joined good friends Pete and Alan Walkden on the second week of their two week stay, in a cottage in Pennyghael overlooking Loch Scridain and there I am with three fella's and not naming any names I was not the one to spend the most time in the bathroom in the morning's getting ready (you know who you are LOL), I could open the bedroom curtains most mornings to watch an Otter happily fishing in the Loch quite close to shore, but it was to be a few days before I got the chance to photograph one on shore. Below are a few shots of Oban Harbour as we left, having broken our journey there and of my first views of Mull.

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