Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Badger Cake!!

After such a fantastic day yesterday mainly spent in the Garden, I decided to put the Night Camera out in the Coppice my side of the Bosley Reservoir, not expecting the rain that came through during the night, and even though very welcome for the garden and new plants, not so for the recovery of the Camera this morning!! Even after many dry days the floor of the Coppice is still very soft, so after a down poor such as we had last night, I was not looking forward to ploughing through the Bog that it turns into after it's rained, the trick is not to stay still for too long as you just sink and to have my mobile at the ready, in case I have to call for help!! As it turned out it was well worth it, as for the second time only on this side of the Reservoir, I got shots of the Badger, and although using exactly the same pathway, this time it entered stage right and exiting stage left, this time hanging around for a little longer, so I think it is time to deploy one of Johnny Kingdom's renowned Badger Cake's, devised by his wife Julie and as he quotes in his book, not a cake you would want to offer the Vicar's wife on a Sunday afternoon. So hoping for no more rain for a while so I can give it a go!!

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