Sunday, 11 April 2010

North Staffs

Saturday 10th April best weather of the year so far by a mile, visited a lovely village deep in the Valley of Staffordshire, found a lovely fast flowing stream, while my partner was in hot persuit of his chosen prey of the day, I decided to record my visit with a couple of Scenery shots. After a couple of pleasant hours we moved onto the North Staffordshire Moors to look for Red Grouse and with quite a few of them playing Cat and Mouse with us (now you see me now you don't) got pleasantly diverted by a passing Golden Plover, who was far more obliging. We were just in the car ready to leave without any really decent shots, when my partner asked me to keep the camera on my lap until we were out of the area, just in case and it payed off, a Red Grouse suddenly appeared right at the side of us, as if as a reward for all the time we had spent there and our patience, could not believe that in such beautiful sunshine we actually found patches of snow still refusing to leave. A great day to be remembered.



Golden Plover.

North Staffs Moors.

Red Grouse.

Red Grouse.

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