Monday, 3 May 2010

Cannock Chase

In all of my years of living in and around Staffordshire and the many times I have passed by Cannock Chase, this is the first time I have partaken of it's beauty, apparently if ever you get lost all you have to ask anyone is "where is the Stepping Stones" and you can get your bearings from there, so thought I should take a shot of them for prosterity, many people were out and about enjoying their individual persuits, as you can see by the shot of the Horse and Trap. My main catch of the day however, was the Green Hairstreak Butterfly, small colonies are scattered about the Chase.
Birds were few and far between, although caught site of a Cookoo, Great Spotted Woodpecker, heard a male Redstart and on the way back to the carpark my partner connected with a Wood Warbler but could not follow were he had to scramble, in order to get the shots he did....Oh to be that nimble!!!!
Weather changable, sun very warm when out with a few scattered showers, thrown in for good measure, all in all a very good Bank Holiday.

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