Thursday, 13 May 2010

North Staffs

Up at the crack of dawn with the morning sun, with impending heavy rain forcast, we wanted to get onto the North Staffordshire Moors, to see how the Grouse were fairing, only to come across a not previously found Valley of Delight (scenery wise that is). On the way back on track to the Grouse, found this very cheeky Wheatear that was glad to pose for me while I still sat in the car, same with the Grouse, we were almost off the moors when we spotted him (again from the shelter of the car), as we still had the sun with us, dropped in on Tittisworth and had a Ruddy Shellduck glide in onto the island,right in front of the car, but no camera at the ready to get a flight shot, mores the pity, as just had my coffee passed to me, almost got scalded with the shock, of my dearly beloved shouting get the camera quick!!! stayed for a quick wash and brush up and he was off again that was the Shellduck by the way not my dearly beloved!!!! An all together lovely day to be remembered, yet again!!!


Red Grouse.

Ruddy Shelduck.

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