Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bosley Reservoir By Night.

Having got the Fox the other night and realising that a small amount of clearing the area was required, for a clearer shot, I again set the Night Cam, although the water in the Coppice has receded, it is still too boggy to walk through, so I set the Camera on the same side path as before, hoping that the Fox would feel the same way, I put it in place around 7.30pm and as the pictures uploaded onto my computer the first burst of shots went off at 9.46pm, not thinking it would be anything other than one of my Fox's, you can imagine my surprise when I started looking through them and found it was the Badger, in all the time I have been putting the Camera out in this area, I have never before got anything other than Fox's, as I have always had to walk a good distance round to another part of the Reservoir to set up for the Badger, I am also very surprised considering the large cumbersome animal that it is, as to how fast it was travelling not only by the blur of the shot but also my Camera is set to record a blast of three shot's every time it is triggered and the Badger was only in frame for two of those and showed no interest in the food put out. It also entered stage left and exited stage right, had it approached along the path I would have got shot's of it's approach. So my appologise for the poor quality.

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