Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Redesmere Lake

While the sun was still shining this morning, I went for a drive to Redesmere Lake, have not been here for over 12 months, as no matter what the weather the refelection on the water is crap!! I can only put this down to the fact it is so shallow and the only reflection that gets picked up is the filthy bottom, but it is a good place to practise flight shots and close up encounters, Redesmere lake is in Capesthorne, near the village of Siddington which has a lovely church, which is well worth a visit, especially when it is decorated for festivals such as Easter or Harvest Festivals. I was suprised to see a lone Oystercatcher taking a morning snooze and had seven Buzzards up in the air, my record so far has been four at Bosley.

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