Sunday, 6 October 2013

Glossy Ibis Hunt!!

SHOULD WE GO OR SHOULD WE STAY!! The morning started with a quick trip to Tittesworth, to see if the Ibis was about, as we arrived a little late yesterday and missed close up shots, but no luck, so we decided to head off to Bolton to find the four that have been showing really well, in a field there, but the lack of cars in the lane told us that we had made the trip for no reason, and our fears were correct as they were no longer present having gone the afternoon before, disappointed we headed off home, only to have news of them to come through at 2.30 pm in the afternoon, so SHOULD WE GO OR SHOULD WE STAY!! we decided we had to try, so off we went again with Steve silently praying they would be there this time, but again an empty lane, not good news and a couple of birders who had travelled from Wales said they had again been flushed, and could be over the other side of the wood, I made the decision that all my driving was not going to waste and we should try further round and this time Bingo Birders were seen, and although we had no sunshine I got my first decent shots.

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