Saturday, 5 October 2013

Thursday On Mull

I don't like mentioning health problems on my blog, as its not the place for them, but to understand the disappointment of missing the Boat Trip planned for Thursdays Morning, to see the Eagles, you do need a little back ground to my back problem, I have suffered for over 12 yrs. with a leaking disk that every now and then traps the nerves in my lower back, as long as I am careful in what I do, I am usually okay, but when it goes I am in agony and unable to walk, stand or sit properly, this time it was my own fault I had a project I wanted finished before we set off for Mull and truly it was the very last shovel full of gravel that was my undoing. I knew I would be in agony within the hour but could not tell Steve as I knew he would be livid to say the least and as we were leaving the next morning would probably have called off the trip, so I said nothing, endured the pain even when asked to take out the luggage to the car, (that was nearly the end of me, I can tell you!), the first half of the journey was mine to drive and you can only imagine how glad I was to swop over, by the time we arrived in Oban I could not move and was no longer able to keep it to myself, (still at this point not telling how I had actually incurred the injury). But I digress back to Mull and I wasn't doing too badly and hopeful to be mobile enough for Thursday's boat trip, but I got up in the middle of the night and twisted the wrong way and bang it went again, I could not even get my socks on by the morning and was back to square one again, add to this Steve had been up all night with a bad stomach and Pete and Allen had to go on the boat trip without us, we managed to get a little more mobile by lunch time and met up with them later.
The morning eventually started with the Swallow's lining up on the wires outside our cottage, then it was round to the Eagles were we encountered the juvenile again, on our way back we spotted this Red Deer in a real panic trying to find a way out of the farmers field, in the end it escaped along the shore line and disappeared. This large bull was just wondering along the road without a care in the world and when I stopped to take it's picture it decided to follow us home and I think it would have managed it, if it could have speeded up a little, as it kept catching us up every time we stopped to take in the scenery, every time we looked back there he was just ambling along behind us.

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  1. I know the problem having had to endure traction for a similar problem.
    Silly girl.. Hope you are recovered now, stunning pics. see you.