Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Onwards And Upwards!!

Not looking backwards but forwards, I could go on with loads more metaphor's but suffice to say this is the first week of my new life. I now have a small detached Des-Res with gardens all round, my rear garden backs onto Bosley Reservoir hence the change of name on my blog, I will have to check the exact co-ordinates but going by the sun rising in the East and setting in the West I reckon I face the South/South West corner of the Reservoir and although there is a lot of width to the rear garden there is not a lot of length, hence why I intend to utilise the embankment, there is only three strands of barbed wire with a drop of around five and a half feet separating the two which would repel boarders far more than the Barbed Wire!!! This will be a record of the setting up of my feeding station etc... I also intend to track any visitors to the embankment not of the feathered kind. So I am really excited at the prospect.

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