Saturday, 18 January 2014

Splitting Time Between Jobs!!

Although still having to split time between getting straight inside and wanting to be out in the garden, have managed to do both. I have inherited a great metal shed with electrics and lights in there and todays job was to wash down the inherited freezer inside and out and make sure it worked, result it did!! I have also inherited a fantastic fallen tree to the left rear of my property and have baited that ready for a passing Woodpecker and a Treecreeper, hopefully. Also assembled my first metal holder and got it into position, luckily within half and hour of it being put up I had a group of Blue Tit's brave enough to venture down (it's a start). I am able to sit in my armchair by my window and view my neighbours feeders and so far have only seen Blue Tit, Robin and Chaffinch, not a great variety but I think that is due to the fact they don't but out a great variety of food, I have also been up on the embankment trimming an area and the Scout Camera has been deployed and the area baited hopefully for a fox!!! Hope to get some photo's posted tomorrow, if the weather men have the forecast correct.

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