Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Very Busy Week!

It has been a very busy week for both myself and my feeding station, I started by helping out the agency I am with on Monday, travelling a little further than I like to do, ending up doing four days there, I was amazed by my little cars fuel consumption and I know that is helped by having a longer journey but I think it may have something to do with the new boots fitted. While at home I have had to fill the feeders every evening when I have arrived back, with leaving while dark and not having much daylight left when arriving home, I have not been able to see what numbers have been arriving but it must be good numbers because there is shelter from any strong winds, so there is very little wastage, luckily a neighbour has been able to keep an eye open for me and has confirmed they have never seen so many visitors before, and estimated at certain times there was numbers up to around 60 birds at anyone time and was certain that Brambling's were sighted as well!!! On the embankment. You can imagine this has excited me and as I have tomorrow off, my first job is to buy more seed and then I will be glued to my viewing window to check out what I can add to my count of visitors and even though the weather may not be favourable, I will try and post some photo's.


  1. Keep them feeders filled so there's something there for me to photograph when I stop by.

  2. sounds like you having a ball there ann, really pleased for you. ill be keeping a eye on your pictures to see what you come up with, im sure theres going be plenty of variety for you.