Sunday, 16 February 2014

Last Post!!

At least until next week end, as off to the Boat Of Garten in the Cairngorm National Park tomorrow until Friday, so hope to have a good few photo's to share with you on my return. Had a really cold snap last night, then everything started to warm up to a glorious sunny calm day, strategic pruning done outside on the natural perches, feeders extended, a new floor area cleared and seeded for ground feeders, good numbers of all species present especially Redpoll and Goldfinch, joined by my first Greenfinch and Woodpecker seen in the trees from the dinning room window, but not yet down on the feeders, walked along the Reservoir and added Canada Geese, Graylag Geese, Moorhen and Coot to the species count, also had Cormorant fly over towards Macclesfield Forest and Canada Geese flying towards Redesmere Lake, the species count now up to a healthy 26.

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