Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sightings Now Up To 16!!

7.45am and already three Lesser Redpoll and Goldfinch feeding well with the bramble bush filling steadily with Blue and Great Tit, ready for their onslaught, one large new mover into the charts is a Common Buzzard who landed just behind my property in the small coppice, I am sure I have spotted Brambling on the bank with the Chaffinch but did not get a good enough view to be absolutely sure so will not add to count until I have. Now there are two poles holding feeders I have a good two dozen birds down at any one time with more still waiting in the wings, all species in good numbers except for the Coal Tit, have only seen one, not sure why. The photo's today were taken out of the open window of my new property next door, the window only being around 3 to 4 feet away from the back fence and the feeders, have the keys and new carpets being fitted on Tuesday and officially mine from the 8th, definitely my last move (have said that before!!) but at least this one has not been forced. So I will be able to sit in my armchair and watch my own feeders and also the back Dining Room window opens out onto the embankment, so none of the feeders will need to be moved. By 12.30pm the rain and wind had moved in so could sit and watch Football Focus and now settled down for the Rugby!!!


  1. Coming along very nicely now Ann. Have you set up a watering dish of sorts to get reflective photos yet?

  2. Good idea Di, will look into it, as I now have around a 60 foot area at the rear to play around with! So sure I could rig up something and most of it is at eye level.