Saturday, 8 February 2014

New Sighting!

Domestic issues to one side today, feeders are topped up and I am in my arm chair and ready for the first count of the day, 8am to 8.30am and for a change the sun is out, (probably won't last) these were the most visitors at any one time:- 9 - Goldfinch 11- Redpoll 1- Robin 5- Blue Tit 2- Collared Dove 1- Dunnock 3- Great Tit 2- Blackbirds 1- Chaffinch 2- House Sparrows With the Redpoll and the Goldfinch always coming in together, the new sighting of the Starling was viewed from the patio doors on top of a neighbours Conifer Tree, bringing the total now up to 19 Species. Did have a good number of Gulls go over but too quick to I D

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