Sunday, 2 February 2014

What A Difference A Day Makes!

7.45 am first look out of the window and how different two days can be, no wind, no rain but not one bird in sight, 8 am one Goldfinch on feeder with one loan Great Tit in the brambles and tipping down with rain, 8.30 am and wondering who has stolen all my birds, rain has stopped, blue skys and just one begraggled Dunnock in the brambles looking sorry for himself. Thankfully by mid-day the sun is shining and the birds are back, with Redpoll numbers up to 9, and new chart toppers for today being Mallard and Wood Pigeon bringing the count now upto 18. Disturbed the Buzzard on a short walk on the embankment and off he went perching in the field next door, need to investigate if this is one of his usual haunts, hope so!!

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