Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back In Action!!

The Night Cam is back in action, the grass on the bank and causeway is too long for any decent shots, even if the Fox appears, so as I have seen sign's that the Fox's come through a small Coppice beyond, I decided to find a clearing down there and deployed the Cam for the first time last night, took a bit of relocating this morning as it all looks the same down there, but it was worth it, although very wary and spent a lot of time criss crossing in front of the area baited, the Fox was in the area for a good 23 minutes and returned six hours later although just in the distance, I got the most shots ever in one night, and of course there is always the Jays and the Magpies ready to clear up anything that is left. However I am still hopeful of finding a Badger.

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