Sunday, 3 August 2014

Monday and Tuesday on Anglesey

Swinging round and investigating the other corner of the Island we stopped first to view the Menai Bridge and the Menai Strait, carrying round to the furthest tip of the Island to get a view of Puffin Island, but alas no view of Puffin's, next was Red Wharf Bay and as we were so close to our favourite pub it would have been rude not to pop in, then it was down to check out the Dulas Bay where we found a Dunlin, Wednesday was another visit to South Stack deciding this time to walk down to the Light House, thankfully we did not learn how many steps there were till the next day otherwise it may have changed our minds, as it was there was not a lot to see and I would not venture there again, if your wondering there are 400 steps down and yes the same 400 back up again, photographic evidence that we did it is below with Allen and Pete just doing the last couple of steps, also one of them in front of the Menai Strait, we were parked in the viewing layby. I took a shot of North Stack which is a private house only accessed by a very good sturdy 4 x 4 and it was nice to get a different shot of the Light House, we did upset the Lady Warden by not going up even more steps to the top of the Light House which she found very strange. It did give me my first glimpse of Oystercatcher Young, Fulmar and Guillemot Young but not close enough for photo's, did get close to the Gulls, but the heat haze and light was not helpful with the Chough which again were in residence in the usual paddocks. I also managed a sunset which also gives you the view we had every morning opening the van door.


  1. Some super close ups Ann showing the plumage off extremely well. Pete looks rather cheery considering he's still climbing that pathway whilst lugging the 500 on his shoulder.

  2. All that efford had to be recorded!!