Sunday, 31 August 2014

New Bike Hire Concept Brought To The Region.

Brompton Bike Hire have come up with a great new concept, folding bikes held in Docks, which you book online, our nearest one is on Stoke Station, you can collect from one dock and return to another one if more convenient and only costs £5 per day, or £20 annual memership brings the cost down to £2.50 per day and you keep the bike for as long as you wish, only getting charged when you return it. We collected ours yesterday and joined the Trent and Mersey Canal Towpath which runs alongside the Railway, it is one of British Waterways older canals taking eleven years to build at a cost of £300,000, it opened in 1777, extending ninety three and a half miles through towns of Mid-Cheshire, The Potteries and the East Midlands. We started at the Osborn Bridge and cycled two and a half miles to Trentham Lock and back again. As the bikes are folded they are easily carried onto trains or put into the boot of a car and used at further destinations. The photo's below were taken with my pocket Canon Power Shot SX160.

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