Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Last Two Days in Anglesey!!

Well the last two days of a fantastic trip, what a year it has been, it just gets better and better, we always started our days with a good Birders Breakfast, my name for a good English Breakfast, taking sandwiches and drinks with us enabled us to concentrate on birding from 8am till 7pm when we always ended our day in the local Pub for a hearty meal, on the return to our accommodation it just left enough time to have a well earned cuppa and to down load the photo's of the day onto my computer, perhaps half an hour watching the Commonwealth Games and then an early night. Thursday we went back to Cemlyn Bay this time to find the other car park that takes you the other side of the Bay behind the deralict buildings where I have spotted seals on earlier visits, they did not disappoint just not close enough for photo's, so we had another crack at the Terns after finding the White Throat. Friday we found Llyn Alaw Reservoir which seemed to have been forgotten and abandoned for some time, with the Visitors Centre and Toilets all Derelict and boarded up, what a shame although devoid of anything on the water, it was carpeted in Orchids with a lot of them past their best the nearest ID I can come up with is Southern Marsh, I would gladly be corrected if anyone can give me a definite ID, with also lots of Common Blue Butterflies, I caught the Damselfly on the stream running from the overflow of the Reservoir and again believe it to be a Beautiful blue, again would love to be corrected if I am wrong. The only disappointment of the trip was that I thought I would finally break my duck at last and get a shot of a kingfisher, I had only just mentioned to Pete that the stream would be ideal for a Kingfisher when out of the corner of my eye I spotted one a split second after it saw us and flew off, as it seemed to be a regular spot with the over flow pool teaming with small fish, I waited there sometime, with no joy, we walked the length of the stream to see if we could spot it further down, when Pete spotted it back on the little twig it was on earlier, I shot back along the stream in my exuberance forgetting the golden rule, to stop and get a record shot before getting too close, and that was the problem I got too close, with the only thing left for me to do was to look over the small wall, if it had not been facing me I may have gotten away with it, as it was it was looking straight at me and off it went again, bugger!! Pete god bless him went on a hike in the direction it had gone in the hopes of pushing it back my way but after waiting a good half hour, I had to give it up,if it had not been our last day I would gladly have returned and spent the whole day there camped and ready for it, oh well still one to get!! As I have mentioned before the local pub was one of the best finds of the trip and the meals were so large it was impossible to manage a pudding, having one of my favouites on the menu I came up with a cunning plan, to only have a portion of chips and the blackberry and apple crumble and custard, served together knowing how long it took the others to get through their main course, much to the amusement of everyone, a photo had to be taken of the spectical. So another great weeks birding, with great company, great weather and great food, what more do you need. Thanks again Alan and Pete!!!

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