Thursday, 27 March 2014

De Stressing!!

After a day dealing with disgruntled Teenagers, I like nothing more than to sit in peace and quiet, (no radio, No TV ) watching the wild life come and go from my armchair, no matter what the weather, before I know it a couple of hours can go by so quickly, the photo below shows you my view from the lounge window, unfortunately taken in the pouring rain, I love watching their routine, starting in the large trees behind then down to the small trees to the left, then into the thorn bush just at the back of the left hand feeder, then finally onto the feeders or the tree stumps, you can also see one of the ground feeding areas frequented by the Reed Bunting of which I now have a pair of, on the most part I have very healthy Great Tits, having not seen the injured one since Saturday I now have one with a very nasty growth on its face, again seems unfazed by it and it is feeding well. My neighbours have reported seeing Black Cap in the area, but as yet I have not had a view of them, so will be having a good look round at the week-end to see if I can add to my list, also had the Coal Tit down again today, it has been quite a while and there is still only ever one.

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