Monday, 10 March 2014

Sunset Seen From Bosley Minn.

Before going home I called to see if the food left at the Badger set had been taken, unfortunately not, Badgers were seen there last year, but alas they seem no more, ( I have seen two recently dead in the road on the way to Congleton ) I have left the food in place just in case there may be a wondering Badger looking for a Des Res. Then while the weather was still good there was more digging out of the pathway at the back of my property and bird feeders to be filled, then after a quick tea I decided to go up to bosley Minn to catch the Sunset, Bosley Minn is a prominent hill in southeast Cheshire, the long axis of the Minn runs NNE-SSW and its broad summit which reaches to 1,266 ft at its highest point, slopes away to the valley of the Shell Brook in the east and towards Bosley Reservoir in the west, it is the western aspect of the hill facing Bosley which is known as Bosley Minn whilst the eastern side which faces the village of Wincle is referred to as Wincle Minn.

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