Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What A Filthy Day!

What a lousy day!! had no choice but to brave the rain to re fill my feeders, re-positioned the peanuts to try and encourage the Woodpecker again, as only had sight of one once and also put in a new stake for my Night Cam to be attached to, this time on the bank itself, so should give a better view than being attached to the fence posts or the tree stump I have been using, I had only been in long enough to dish up my supper, when I looked behind me and I had a female Woodpecker right there on the Nuts, also had the Reed Bunting straight down onto the bank feeding area, just hope she comes back, still no Nuthatch though!! Only a Week and a half to my Holiday in Jersey can't wait, also just booked a week end away for May and a weeks Holiday for July.

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