Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Wednesday On Anglesey.

This was the most Diverse day of all starting with a visit to Newborough Beach then into the Forest were we took a one and a half mile Woodland Red Squirrel Walk, there are well over 600 Red Squirrels on the Island after a bounty being put on Grey Squirrels, only getting a quick glimpse of one on the trip to Scotland and only about three shots of that one, I was keen to see more. We didn't spot any Squirrels but found a corner of the walk absolutely teaming with Butterflies and Damselflies and all the ones below were taken in just a small area and not having my Macro lens with me just my Sigma 150 to 500, I don't think they turned out too badly, around another corner and we found a field of Miniture Ponies and Foals (very cute) on arriving back at the car park we found the feeding station we were looking for and there were the Red Squirrels, go figure!! We had two of them that kept up a regular visit to the feeding boxes, they were great fun to watch especially when one got hit on the head with the box lid!! After a quick stop to see the Scenery at Porth Nobla, it was back to South Stack finding Greenfinch, Stonechat and also a Wall Butterfly, but it was the Chough we were all there for and this trip did not disappoint getting the best, closest shots ever!! Also spotted the Search and Rescue Helicopter which prompted our next stop which was RAF Valley at Y Fali Valley, to watch the Hawks landing, they come in to land and then blast off again circling around over head to come in for another landing, some of them doing it two or three times. As I said a very Diverse Day.

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